Skillet releases lyrics video for new single "Refuge"

2021-12-14 09:27:35 By : Ms. Chloe LYU

Christian rock singer SKILLET will release their new studio album "Dominion" via The Atlantic on January 14, 2022. The official lyrics video of LP's third single "Refuge" can be seen below.

"Dominion" was produced by Kevin Churko (PAPA ROACH, DISTURBED, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH), and the song was composed by John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Kevin Churko and Kane Churko. It was 100% remotely composed between the band’s tour dates, Wisconsin’s Home studio, and Churkos studio in Las Vegas.

"'Dominion' is a celebration of freedom, liberation from fear-being who we want to be, saying what we want to say, believing what we want to believe," said John Cooper, the lead singer of SKILLET. "In some ways, it reminds us of the rights we are born with by God. It's time to regain some control over our lives, instead of becoming a slave to fear. I hope this record will make people feel empowered. Strength, inspiring, inspiring, and hope to get out of trouble."

01. Survive in the game 02. Stand in the storm 03. Reign 04. Death Valley 05. Unbelievable 06. Destiny 07. Refuge 08. Cry for your freedom 09. Destroyer 10. Forever or End 11. Ignite 12 . White Horse

SKILLET recently saw it obtain RIAA certification again. Their latest milestones include the new triple platinum status of their iconic album "Awake". Three of the popular tracks have also accumulated more certifications because "Awake&Alive" received double platinum, "Hero" triple platinum and "Monster", which are already One of the most played rock songs in history, with more than 4 billion audio streams worldwide, reaching four times the platinum status.

By 2019, SKILLET not only won the Grammy Award and sold more than 12 million albums worldwide, but also won the Billboard Music Award for its double platinum "Awake". Its single "Monster" is still one of the most played rock songs of all time, with more than 3 billion audio streams worldwide.

In 2016, “Unleashed” ranked 3rd among the top 200 Bulletin Boards. Ranked first in rock radio stations, the lead single "Feel Invincible" broke through 643 million global audio streams and won the Platinum Award. At the same time, "Unleashed", which was certified as a gold medal, became their fourth consecutive gold, platinum or double platinum album.

The “Victorious” released in 2019 includes the top 10 rock radio hit “Legendary”, which is worthy of its name and has been played more than 108 million times. So far, nine original music and the high profile of WWE, Marvel, ESPN and NFL have been recognized by RIAA simultaneously.

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