Hot plate frying pan, hot pan frying pan (TV0190)

*Commodity:Hot Plate Frying Pan, Hot Pan Frying PanTypeHot Plate OvenMaterialAluminumPower1300WUse pakeFrequency50 or 60HzVoltage230VSize35 X 35cmTrademarkJ-GREATPlace of OriginZhejiang, ChinaHot pan, hot plateNon-stick coating surfaceTempered glass lidAdjustable thermostat controlCE, GS, RoHS and LFGB certified*Specificati

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*Commodity:Hot Plate Frying Pan, Hot Pan Frying PanHot Plate Frying Pan, Hot Pan Frying Pan (TV0190)
TypeHot Plate Oven
Use pake
Frequency50 or 60Hz
Size35 X 35cm
Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Hot pan, hot plate
Non-stick coating surface
Tempered glass lid
Adjustable thermostat control
CE, GS, RoHS and LFGB certified

Packaging Detail: Color box
Old pots constantly Eriophorum, food pridega and degsius gramdyti from the bottom of you already fatally kyrjo? Would you like to produce food without problems? Forget the old pots and pans! Hot pan-fried healthy and tasty dishes paruoite a variety of ways, and the production of food and unburnt neprisvils!
Additional information about the product
Universal pan
Enjoy gardiausiais dishes and surprise your family and guests to culinary skills. Prepare a gourmet steak on the grid just at home. Chinese, Japanese cuisine gaminkite your kitchen. Pan hot frying pan - even a few pots and pans in one. It can prepare food in different ways. Hot pan frying pan can be used as:
Gril baking at home;
Picoms skillet;
Thorns oven;
Japanese grills (Teppanyaki);
Fryer (used in Chinese cuisine);
Heat-bearing vessels (used on the buffet table).
Hot skillet to fry pan, fry like kepsninje, fried on a grill, roast and even cooked - with her, everything is possible!
Gaminkite fat-free
The production of hot pan-fried foods do not need or oil, than any other fat, so you have:
Save hundreds of calories;
Meals healthier food;
Enjoy better health.
As the hot pan-fried food can be produced entirely without fat, it is ideally suited to SULIEKNETI. When the diet - a hot griddle pan just for you!
Nesvyla, so very easy to clean
Gaminkite food without any problems! Add water, rice and any other favorite foods. Cover the ingredients put heat retention cap, which encourages the hot air circulation. Rice neprilips to the pot, because the hot pan-fried food is prepared and unburnt neprilimpa. You will not scratch, what is left, hazardous chemical cleanser scrub prikepusi fat spots - Hot Pan-fried fat-free food is produced nepridega, and the runaway milk neprisvyla. Clean skillet incredibly easy, because:
Spider usually destroying (easy to wash);
Special pot surface neprisvyla;
Just need to wipe away.
Several dishes at the same time
You can fry eggs, meat, cheese and vegetables at the same time, because of the extremely fast heat pulse system at the surface of the pot, heat quickly and evenly distributed. Maximum hot pan pan temperature - 190 ° C. The temperature can be regulated. In addition, the pan lid to prevent the heat inside the pot. Consequently dishes ikeps soon and will remain warm for some time, even turn it off.
Freedom of your imagination
Your best assistant to the kitchen - Hot Pan frying pan, giving the freedom of your imagination, and helping to produce tasty healthy food. Make your family them nutrition and Homes steak on a grill, even in winter!
Technical Data
Dimensions: 42 X 42 cm.
Fryers inside aluminum, thickness: 2.5 to 3.0 mm.
From outside the plastic-coated frying pan.
Power: 1200 - 1500 W 230 V - 50 Hz.
4, 135 grams.
The set consists of
Hot Pan frying pan;
Heat-retentive lid;
Thermostat (you can change the temperature).

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