I roasted potatoes two different ways in my Air Fryer - one was miles better & it was all thanks a certain technique | The Irish Sun

2022-10-02 00:19:52 By : Ms. Joey Zhou

THEY’RE a key part of the beloved Sunday roast, with many preferring them when they’re home cooked to when bought in a supermarket or restaurant.

But one cooking fan decided to do the ultimate test and see how roast potatoes fare when  made in the air fryer, as well as the best technique to cook them to perfection. 

TikTok user Becky Excell, who can be found at @beckyexcell, asked her followers: “What’s the best way to cook roast potatoes in the air fryer?”

Becky then shared how she would be trying out two different methods to come to her conclusion.

The first was par boiled and then cooked in the air fryer, while the second omitted the par boiled at all.

First, Becky par boiled some potatoes for 8-10 minutes and gave them a good shake in the pan. 

Then she sprayed the air fryer basket and spooned in the fluffy potatoes, setting the time to 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

Becky’s second technique was simply to coat the peeled and chopped up potatoes in a small amount of oil and cook them at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

Once both sets of potatoes were cooked, Becky shared the taste test with her followers.

After tucking into the golden potatoes, Becky said: “And the winner is… parboiled.”

However, she was quick to add a caveat, as she continued: “But I would say that the [non par boiled] ones are still good enough so both are winners.”

After the foodie shared her review, her equally cooking obsessed followers were keen to reveal their own roast potato air fryer tips.

One wrote: “You can also microwave the chopped spuds to mimic parboiling.”

While a second said: “Use the paper liners and drizzle with olive oil and herbs. The paper holds the oil so they don't go dry. Delicious.”

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